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Yu Liu, Ph.D., M.P.H.

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Administrative: (585) 275-8784

Office: (585) 276-3562

Fax: (585) 461-4352

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I am an Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at the Department of Public Health Sciences of the University of Rochester Medical Center. I completed my pre-and post-doctoral training in various domains, including epidemiology, interventional trial design and implementation, infectious diseases prevention research, social behavioral science, and global health. I have strong expertise in using various complex data-driven and epidemiologic methods to assess research gaps, intervention opportunities, and the efficacy/effectiveness of existing interventions and health programs in various research contexts. Furthermore, I have an unparalleled passion for cultivating organic, diverse, inclusive, and sustainable environments across various settings through my professional services, research, and teaching.

My current research focuses on leveraging advanced quantitative/qualitative methods, social-behavioral theories, implementation science, and technology (e.g., social media) to design/implement novel prevention interventions to tackle a wide array of research priorities, such as social stigmatization among marginalized populations (e.g., LGBTQ populations), health messaging, substance use, mental health, social determinants of health, quality-of-life, and infectious disease prevention (e.g., HIV, STD, and COVID). I have served as the PI/Co-PI/Co-I of multiple UR and NIH-funded studies and published frequently in reputable peer-reviewed journals. My research involves close collaboration with multidisciplinary teams in academia, medical/clinical institutions, community-based organizations, and government (e.g., CDC, Department of Health).

I am currently teaching PM451: Infectious Diseases Epidemiology and PM510: Causal Inference in Epidemiology. I enjoy mentoring and working with students of various backgrounds and helping my students to become academically competent.

• Infectious disease prevention research (e.g., HIV, STDs, and COVID)
• Advanced epidemiologic methods (e.g., causal inference, bias/confounding control,
quantitative, measurement, participant sampling and recruitment, survey design, and
implementation, and data collection)
• Statistical analyses (e.g., various regression-based analyses, propensity score
application, causal mediation/moderation analyses, and longitudinal analyses)
• Statistical programming (e.g., Stata, SAS)
• Qualitative methods (e.g., focus groups, in-depth interviews, social-behavioral theories)
• Scientific finding communication (e.g., written report and oral presentation)



BSc | China - South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou
Pharmaceutical Sciences

MPH | George Washington University

PhD | Vanderbilt University

Amos Christie Chair Endowed Post-doctoral Research Fellow | Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
HIV epidemiology and Global Health


Early investigator award in HIV/aging research
Sponsor: Emory University Center for AIDS Research
Location: Atlanta, GA

2018 - 2019
R25 award appointee for the Career Institute in Mental Health and Aging
Sponsor: Weill Cornell Medicine

National Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) Early Stage Investigator Travel Award
Sponsor: University of Rochester Center for AIDS Research
Location: Washington, DC

2015 - 2017
Amos Christie Chair Endowment Global Health Fellowship
Sponsor: Vanderbilt Institute for Global Health
Location: Nashville, Tennessee

The Mentoring Day Training Fellowship Award
Sponsor: CFAR Social and Behavioral Sciences Research Network
Location: Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland

2011 - 2015
Pre-doctoral Student Fellowship in Epidemiology
Sponsor: Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Location: Nashville, Tennessee

2010 - 2011
Capacity Building Research Fellowship
Sponsor: Sun Yat-sen Center for Migrant Health Policy
Location: Guangzhou, China

Award for Excellence in MPH Practicum Internship
Location: Washington, DC

Award for Excellence in Graduation Research Thesis
Sponsor: South China Agricultural University
Location: Guangzhou, China

2003 - 2007
Award for Excellence in Academic Performance
Sponsor: South China Agricultural University
Location: Guangzhou, China

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Journal Articles

Zhang C, Liu Y. "Editorial for the Special Issue-'HIV Testing, Prevention, and Care Cascade'." Tropical medicine and infectious disease.. 2022 Nov 18; 7(11)Epub 2022 Nov 18.

Zhang C, Fiscella K, Przybylek S, Chang W, Liu Y. "Telemedicine Experience for PrEP Care among PrEP-Eligible Women and Their Primary Care Providers during the First Year of the COVID-19 Pandemic in the United States" . Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease. 2022; 7(10): 280.

Bleasdale J, Leone LA, Morse GD, Liu Y, Taylor S, Przybyla SM. "Socio-Structural Factors and HIV Care Engagement among People Living with HIV during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Qualitative Study in the United States" . Trop. Med. Infect. Dis. 2022; 7(10): 259.

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Non-injecting drug users, Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS
Book Title: Encyclopedia of AIDS
Author List: Yu Liu, Sten H. Vermund
Published By: Springer science & business media 2017