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Jihyung Yoon, Ph.D.


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Journal Articles

Yoon J, Xie Y, Heins D, Zhang R. "Modeling of the metallic port in breast tissue expanders for photon radiotherapy." Journal of applied clinical medical physics. 2018 May; 19(3):205-214. Epub 2018 Mar 30.

Yoon J, Xie Y, Zhang R. "Evaluation of surface and shallow depth dose reductions using a Superflab bolus during conventional and advanced external beam radiotherapy." Journal of applied clinical medical physics. 2018 Mar; 19(2):137-143. Epub 2018 Feb 10.

Yoon J, Heins D, Zhao X, Sanders M, Zhang R. "Measurement and modeling of out-of-field doses from various advanced post-mastectomy radiotherapy techniques." Physics in medicine and biology.. 2017 Nov 13; 62(23):9039-9053. Epub 2017 Nov 13.

Yoon J, Jung JW, Kim JO, Yi BY, Yeo I. "Four-dimensional dose reconstruction through in vivo phase matching of cine images of electronic portal imaging device." Medical physics.. 2016 Jul; 43(7):4420.

Yoon J, Jung JW, Kim JO, Yeo I. "A Monte Carlo calculation model of electronic portal imaging device for transit dosimetry through heterogeneous media." Medical physics.. 2016 May; 43(5):2242.

JH Yune, HB Kim, SH Kim, CN Whang, KH Chae. "Control of magnetic anisotropy by ion-beam-mixing method under external magnetic field" . Physica Status Solidi (a). 2004; 201(8): 1751-1754.

SH Kim, JH Yune, JT Aeo, TH Kim, SW Shin, HB Kim, K Jeong, CN Whang, GS Chang, KH Chae. "The control of in-plane magnetic anisotropy by ion irradiation" . Physica Status Solidi (b). 2004; 241(7): 1654-1657.