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Francisco Cartujano Barrera, M.D.


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Rivera MP, Gudina AT, Cartujano-Barrera F, Cupertino P. "Disparities Across the Continuum of Lung Cancer Care." Clinics in chest medicine.. 2023 Sep; 44(3):531-542. Epub 2023 May 09.

Batista SA, Cupertino AFB, Cupertino AP, Botelho RBA, Pimentel J, Cartujano-Barrera F, Ginani VC. "Nutrition and Diet Apps: Brazilian Panorama before and during the COVID-19 Pandemic." Nutrients.. 2023 Aug 17; 15(16)Epub 2023 Aug 17.

Ruderman SA, Odden MC, Webel AR, Fitzpatrick AL, Crane PK, Nance RM, Drumright LN, Whitney BM, Mixson LS, Ma J, Willig AL, Haidar L, Eltonsy S, Mayer KH, O'Cleirigh C, Cropsey KL, Eron JJ, Napravnik S, Greene M, McCaul M, Chander G, Cachay E, Lober WB, Kritchevsky SB, Austad S, Landay A, Pandya C, Cartujano-Barrera F, Saag MS, Kamen C, Hahn AW, Kitahata MM, Delaney JA, Crane HM. "Tobacco Smoking and Pack-years are Associated with Frailty Among People with HIV." Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes : JAIDS.. 2023 Jun 26; Epub 2023 Jun 26.

Hernández-Torres R, Alaniz-Cantu E, Bautista Rojas MV, Lara D, Merritt S, DeJesus E, D'Abundo ML, McIntosh S, Ossip DJ, Fuller D, Rivera MP, Cupertino AP, Cartujano-Barrera F. "Understanding the Perspectives of Latino Adults Who Smoke on Physical Activity: A Qualitative Study." International journal of environmental research and public health.. 2023 Feb 10; 20(4)Epub 2023 Feb 10.

Ruderman SA, Nance RM, Drumright LN, Whitney BM, Hahn AW, Ma J, Haidar L, Eltonsy S, Mayer KH, Eron JJ, Greene M, Mathews WC, Webel A, Saag MS, Willig AL, Kamen C, Mccaul M, Chander G, Cachay E, Lober WB, Pandya C, Cartujano-Barrera F, Kritchevsky SB, Austad SN, Landay A, Kitahata MM, Crane HM, Delaney JAC. "Development of frail RISC-HIV: a risk score for predicting frailty risk in the short-term for care of people with HIV." AIDS.. 2023 Feb 1; Epub 2023 Feb 01.

Cartujano-Barrera F, Hernández-Torres R, Chávez-Iñiguez A, Orfin RH, Fernandez ID, Rivera PM, Cupertino AP. "Spanish version of the susceptibility to e-cigarettes scale among Latino adolescents." Tobacco prevention & cessation.. 2023 9:01. Epub 2023 Jan 05.

Rodríguez-Bolaños R, Ramírez-Palacios P, Bolaños A, Lara D, Millan G, Gallegos-Carrillo K, Flores YN, Mejia RM, Cupertino AP, Cartujano-Barrera F. "Decídetexto México: Recruitment and baseline characteristics of Mexican individuals who smoke in a cessation study." Tobacco use insights.. 2023 16:1179173X231157378. Epub 2023 Feb 14.

Connolly M, Croft D, Ramírez-Palacios P, Cai X, Hill B, Orfin RH, Rivera MP, Wilson KM, Li D, McIntosh S, Ossip DJ, Cupertino AP, Cartujano-Barrera F. "Are Black and Latino adolescents being asked if they use electronic cigarettes and advised not to use them? Results from a community-based survey." Frontiers in public health.. 2023 11:1222184. Epub 2023 Aug 10.

Crane HM, Ruderman SA, Whitney BM, Nance RM, Drumright LN, Webel AR, Willig AL, Saag MS, Christopoulos K, Greene M, Hahn AW, Eron JJ, Napravnik S, Mathews WC, Chander G, McCaul ME, Cachay ER, Mayer KH, Landay A, Austad S, Ma J, Kritchevsky SB, Pandya C, Achenbach C, Cartujano-Barrera F, Kitahata M, Delaney JA, Kamen C, . "Associations between drug and alcohol use, smoking, and frailty among people with HIV across the United States in the current era of antiretroviral treatment." Drug and alcohol dependence.. 2022 Sep 30; 240:109649. Epub 2022 Sep 30.

Xie Z, Cartujano-Barrera F, Cupertino P, Li D. "Cross-Sectional Associations of Self-Reported Social/Emotional Support and Life Satisfaction with Smoking and Vaping Status in Adults." International journal of environmental research and public health.. 2022 Aug 28; 19(17)Epub 2022 Aug 28.

Cartujano-Barrera F, Hernández-Torrez R, Cai X, Orfin RH, Azogini C, Chávez-Iñiguez A, Santa Cruz E, Bansal-Travers M, Wilson KM, McIntosh S, Ossip DJ, Cupertino AP. "Evaluating the Immediate Impact of Graphic Messages for Vaping Prevention among Black and Latino Adolescents: A Randomized Controlled Trial." International journal of environmental research and public health.. 2022 Aug 14; 19(16)Epub 2022 Aug 14.

Jiang N, Rogers ES, Cupertino P, Zhao X, Cartujano-Barrera F, Lyu JC, Hu L, Sherman SE. "Development of a WeChat-based Mobile Messaging Smoking Cessation Intervention for Chinese Immigrant Smokers: Qualitative Interview Study." JMIR formative research.. 2022 Jun 30; 6(6):e36091. Epub 2022 Jun 30.

Arana-Chicas E, Cartujano-Barrera F, Rieth KK, Richter KK, Ellerbeck EF, Cox LS, Graves KD, Diaz FJ, Catley D, Cupertino AP. "Effectiveness of Recruitment Strategies of Latino Smokers: Secondary Analysis of a Mobile Health Smoking Cessation Randomized Clinical Trial." Journal of medical Internet research.. 2022 Jun 27; 24(6):e34863. Epub 2022 Jun 27.

Cartujano-Barrera F, Hernández-Torres R, Orfin RH, Chávez-Iñiguez A, Alvarez Lopez O, Azogini C, Bermudez D, Arana-Chicas E, Cai X, McIntosh S, Ossip DJ, Cupertino AP. "Proactive and Reactive Recruitment of Black and Latino Adolescents in a Vaping Prevention Randomized Controlled Trial." Children.. 2022 Jun 22; 9(7)Epub 2022 Jun 22.

Cartujano-Barrera F, Cox LS, Castro EM, Lara D, Quiñones Z, McIntosh S, Ossip DJ, Cupertino AP. "Cigarro or cigarrillo? The pressing need to use culturally and linguistically appropriate terminology for tobacco control among Spanish-speaking Latinos." Nicotine & tobacco research : official journal of the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco.. 2022 May 10; Epub 2022 May 10.

Rodríguez-Bolaños R, Ponciano-Rodríguez G, Rojas-Carmona A, Cartujano-Barrera F, Arana-Chicas E, Cupertino AP, Reynales-Shigematsu LM. "Practice, barriers, and facilitators of healthcare providers in smoking cessation in Mexico." Enfermeri?a cli?nica (English Edition). 2022 Jan 27; Epub 2022 Jan 27.

Speiser E, Pinto Zipp G, DeLuca DA, Paula Cupertino A, Arana-Chicas E, Gourna Paleoudis E, Bethea TN, Kligler B, Cartujano-Barrera F. "Environmental Health Needs Among Latinas in Cleaning Occupations: A Mixed Methods Approach." Environmental health insights.. 2022 16:11786302221100045. Epub 2022 May 19.

da Silva Teixeira R, Garcia de Siqueira Galil A, Cupertino AP, Cartujano-Barrera F, Basile Colugnati FA. "Effectiveness of a smoking cessation decision-making electronic tool (): A randomized clinical trial." Health informatics journal.. 2022 28(2):14604582221105450.

Speiser E, Pinto Zipp G, DeLuca DA, Cupertino AP, Arana-Chicas E, Gourna Paleoudis E, Kligler B, Cartujano-Barrera F. "Knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of Latinas in cleaning occupations in northern New Jersey: a cross-sectional mixed methods study." Journal of occupational medicine and toxicology.. 2021 Dec 6; 16(1):52. Epub 2021 Dec 06.

Arana-Chicas E, Jones BD, Cartujano-Barrera F, Cupertino AP. ""I Felt What was Happening in Our Country [USA] with Race was So Much Scarier than the [COVID-19] Virus." Black Lives Matter Protesters' Beliefs and Practices During the COVID-19 Pandemic". Journal of Health Ethics. 2021; 17(1).

Cartujano-Barrera F, Azogini C, McIntosh S, Bansal-Travers M, Ossip DJ, Cupertino AP. "Developing Graphic Messages for Vaping Prevention Among Black and Latino Adolescents: Participatory Research Approach." Journal of participatory medicine.. 2021 Nov 23; 13(3):e29945. Epub 2021 Nov 23.

Cartujano-Barrera F, Cox LS, Catley D, Shah Z, Alpert AB, Cupertino AP. ""I'm a transgender man… I have to quit smoking for treatment and surgery": Describing the experience of a Latino transgender man during his attempt to quit smoking." Explore : the journal of science and healing.. 2021 Nov 17; Epub 2021 Nov 17.

Arana-Chicas E, Cartujano-Barrera F, Ogedegbe C, Ellerbeck EF, Cox LS, Graves KD, Diaz FJ, Catley D, Cupertino AP. "Feasibility and Effectiveness of Recruiting Latinos in -A Smoking Cessation Clinical Trial from an Emergency Department Patient Registry." International journal of environmental research and public health.. 2021 Oct 15; 18(20)Epub 2021 Oct 15.

Cartujano-Barrera F, Rodríguez-Bolaños R, Arana-Chicas E, Allaham F, Sandoval L, Rubado M, Gallegos-Carrillo K, Colugnati FAB, Galil AG, Mejia RM, Cupertino AP. "Smoking Cessation Mobile Interventions in Latin America: A Systematic Review." Hispanic health care international : the official journal of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses. 2021 Jul 15; :15404153211020410. Epub 2021 Jul 15.

Pérez-Rubio G, López-Flores LA, Cupertino AP, Cartujano-Barrera F, Reynales-Shigematsu LM, Ramírez M, Ellerbeck EF, Rodríguez-Bolaños R, Falfan-Valencia R. "Genetic Variants in Smoking-Related Genes in Two Smoking Cessation Programs: A Cross-Sectional Study." International journal of environmental research and public health.. 2021 Jun 19; 18(12)Epub 2021 Jun 19.

Rodríguez-Bolaños R, Caballero M, Ponciano-Rodríguez G, González-Robledo LM, Cartujano-Barrera F, Reynales-Shigematsu LM, Cupertino AP. "Gender-related beliefs and attitudes about tobacco use and smoking cessation in Mexico." Health psychology and behavioral medicine.. 2021 Jun 10; 9(1):547-566. Epub 2021 Jun 10.

Cartujano-Barrera F, Lee D'Abundo M, Arana-Chicas E, Chock S, Valera P, Kamen CS, Cupertino AP. "Barriers and Facilitators of Smoking Cessation among Latinos Living with HIV: Perspectives from Key Leaders of Community-Based Organizations and Clinics." International journal of environmental research and public health.. 2021 Mar 26; 18(7)Epub 2021 Mar 26.

Cartujano-Barrera F, Peña-Vargas CI, Arana-Chicas E, Pérez-Ramos JG, Mattei J, Hurtado-de-Mendoza A, Costas-Muñiz R, Jiménez J, Cupertino AP, Castro EM. "Decídetexto: Feasibility and Acceptability of a Mobile Smoking Cessation Intervention in Puerto Rico." International journal of environmental research and public health.. 2021 Feb 3; 18(4)Epub 2021 Feb 03.

Cartujano-Barrera F, McIntosh S, Cox LS, Arana-Chicas E, Catley D, Ellerbeck EF, Ossip DJ, Cupertino AP. "Translation and Examination of the Reliability and Validity of the Spanish Version of the Smoking Self-Efficacy Questionnaire Among Latino Smokers." Tobacco use insights.. 2021 14:1179173X211035366. Epub 2021 Jul 29.

Tercyak KP, Phan L, Gallegos-Carrillo K, Mays D, Audrain-McGovern J, Rehberg K, Li Y, Cartujano-Barrera F, Cupertino AP. "Prevalence and correlates of lifetime e-cigarette use among adolescents attending public schools in a low income community in the US." Addictive behaviors.. 2020 Nov 24; 114:106738. Epub 2020 Nov 24.

Cartujano-Barrera F, Arana-Chicas E, Catley D, Cox LS, Diaz FJ, Ellerbeck EF, Graves KD, Ogedegbe C, Cupertino AP. "Decídetexto: Mobile cessation support for latino smokers. study protocol for a randomized clinical trial." Contemporary clinical trials.. 2020 Oct 17; :106188. Epub 2020 Oct 17.

Rodríguez-Bolaños R, Cartujano-Barrera F, Cartujano B, Flores YN, Cupertino AP, Gallegos-Carrillo K. "The Urgent Need to Address Violence Against Health Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic." Medical care.. 2020 Jul; 58(7):663.

Cupertino AP, Cartujano-Barrera F, Basile Colugnati FA, Batista Formagini TD, Garcia de Siqueira Galil A, Ferreira Carvalho Banhato E, Ferreira MA, Richter KP. "Web-based decision-making tool for smoking cessation (Pare de fumar conosco) among patients with chronic conditions in Brazil : one-arm feasibility study." BMJ health & care informatics.. 2020 Jan; 27(1)

Cartujano-Barrera F, Rodríguez-Bolaños R, Arana-Chicas E, Gallegos-Carrillo K, N Flores Y, Pérez-Rubio G, Falfán-Valencia R, F Ellerbeck E, Reynales-Shigematsu LM, Cupertino AP. "Enhancing nicotine replacement therapy usage and adherence through a mobile intervention: Secondary data analysis of a single-arm feasibility study in Mexico." Tobacco induced diseases.. 2020 18:36. Epub 2020 May 04.

Cartujano-Barrera F, Sanderson Cox L, Arana-Chicas E, Ramírez M, Perales-Puchalt J, Valera P, Díaz FJ, Catley D, Ellerbeck EF, Cupertino AP. "Feasibility and Acceptability of a Culturally- and Linguistically-Adapted Smoking Cessation Text Messaging Intervention for Latino Smokers." Frontiers in public health.. 2020 8:269. Epub 2020 Jun 30.

Arana-Chicas E, Gómez-Trillos S, Cartujano-Barrera F, Xinico-Aju SA, Alvarez CS, Adsul P, Rosenthal MS, Braithwaite D, Hurtado-de-Mendoza A, Cupertino AP. "Cancer Prevention in Indigenous Communities from Guatemala: A Needs Assessment Study." Journal of health care for the poor and underserved.. 2020 31(4):1595-1611.

Arana-Chicas E, Ihde E, Cartujano-Barrera F, Suarez N, Tiznado D, Hurtado-de-Mendoza A, Ramírez-Mantilla M, Cox LS, Ellerbeck EF, Cupertino AP. "Exploring Latinidad, Migration Processes, and Immigrant Experiences: Experiences Influencing Latino Health." Kansas journal of medicine.. 2019 Nov; 12(4):125-131. Epub 2019 Nov 25.

Cartujano-Barrera F, Perales J, Arana E, Cox LS, Yeh HW, Ellerbeck EF, Richter KP, Cupertino AP. "Increasing access to smoking cessation treatment among Latino smokers using case management." Journal of smoking cessation.. 2019 Sep; 14(3):168-175. Epub 2019 Mar 11.

Cupertino AP, Cartujano-Barrera F, Perales J, Formagini T, Rodríguez-Bolaños R, Ellerbeck EF, Ponciano-Rodríguez G, Reynales-Shigematsu LM. "Feasibility and Acceptability of an e-Health Smoking Cessation Informed Decision-Making Tool Integrated in Primary Healthcare in Mexico." Telemedicine journal and e-health : the official journal of the American Telemedicine Association.. 2019 May; 25(5):425-431. Epub 2018 Jul 26.

Cupertino AP, Cartujano-Barrera F, Ramírez M, Rodríguez-Bolaños R, Thrasher JF, Pérez-Rubio G, Falfán-Valencia R, Ellerbeck EF, Reynales-Shigematsu LM. "A Mobile Smoking Cessation Intervention for Mexico (Vive sin Tabaco... ¡Decídete!): Single-Arm Pilot Study." JMIR mHealth and uHealth.. 2019 Apr 25; 7(4):e12482. Epub 2019 Apr 25.

Pérez-Rubio G, Córdoba-Lanús E, Cupertino P, Cartujano-Barrera F, Campos MA, Falfán-Valencia R. "ROLE OF GENETIC SUSCEPTIBILITY IN NICOTINE ADDICTION AND CHRONIC OBSTRUCTIVE PULMONARY DISEASE." Revista de investigacio?n cli?nica; organo del Hospital de Enfermedades de la Nutricio?n.. 2019 71(1):36-54.

Cartujano-Barrera F, Arana-Chicas E, Ramírez-Mantilla M, Perales J, Cox LS, Ellerbeck EF, Catley D, Cupertino AP. ""Every day I think about your messages": assessing text messaging engagement among Latino smokers in a mobile cessation program." Patient preference and adherence.. 2019 13:1213-1219. Epub 2019 Jul 22.

Ponciano-Rodríguez G, Reynales-Shigematsu LM, Rodríguez-Bolaños R, Pruñonosa-Santana J, Cartujano-Barrera F, Cupertino AP. "Enhancing smoking cessation in Mexico using an e-Health tool in primary healthcare." Salud pública de México. 2018 60(5):549-558.