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Laura E. Rohan, M.S.

Contact Information

Phone Numbers

Appointment: (585) 275-5857

Faculty Appointments


While I am a newly graduated genetic counselor, and therefore still developing my specific clinical interests, I do believe I am most interested in children with structural defects, particularly craniofacial defects or heart defects.

I am interested in seeing patients with a variety of potential genetic conditions to broaden my skill set and further identify/develop my areas of interest.

Professional Background

I am a certified genetic counselor in the Division of Pediatric Genetics. My current position involves direct patient care, where I help to provide information and support for families with confirmed or suspected genetic disease. I often facilitates and interprets genetic testing for these families.


In the past, I have performed research at other institutions involving microdeletion syndromes with variable presentation (autism, intellectual disability, epilepsy, etc.) and mitochondrial disorders.

Moving forward, while I would be interested in participating in research projects, as a new graduate, I don’t have a clear direction on what those may be. I’m hoping to develop some ideas based on my clinical work in my first few years of employment.