Fourth Year (Ph.D. Program in Pathology)

Bradley Mills

Research interests: Cardiovascular and endocrine systems.

Hometown: Basom, NY
B.S., Biomedical Engineering, University of Rochester


Mentor: Mark Halterman

Bradley Mills

Salvador E. Pena, Jr.

Research interests: Neurodegerative disease, epilepsy and stroke

Hometown: Sherman Oaks, CA
B.A. Biology and B.A. Chemistry, University of Rochester


Mentor: Keith Nehrke

MD/PhD Medical Scientist Training Program

Salvador Pena

Pei-Lun Weng

Research interests: Cancer biology and genetics, stem cell biology and development.

Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan
B.Sc., Microbiology, National Taiwan University


Mentor: Catherine Ovitt

Pei-Lun Weng

Haobin Ye

Research interests: Cancer, obesity and diabetes; the role of mitochondria in diseases.

Hometown: Guangzhou, Peoples' Republic of China
M.S., Molecular Medicine, Sun Yat-sen University


Mentor: Craig Jordan

Haobin Ye