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Common Questions: Quality of Life After Surgery

Q: Is there anything I might do that will hurt my new joint?

A: Joint replacements are very strong and secure, but if you fall your implant can be damaged. Your care team will share a guide with you that includes some precautions you must take to ensure your joint stays in good condition.

Q: How long will my new joint last and can it be replaced if it wears out?

A: Just like your original joint, replacements joints have moving parts that wear. Most will last 15 years or longer, but second replacements can be done.

Q: Do joint replacements ever fail completely?

A: Even with our experience, expertise and focus on successful outcomes, sometimes joint replacements do fail. The most common hip replacement failure for example is a loosening of the artificial surface from the bone which can lead to infection or fracture.

Q: Will I notice anything different about my new joint?

A: Besides the relief from pain, your joint might feel stiff and you may have a small area of numbness to the outside of your new scar.


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