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Common Questions: Your Hospital Stay

Q: Will I be in pain after surgery?

A: You will have discomfort, but we will help you manage your pain with appropriate medication delivered through your IV, an epidural or a nerve blocks placed by your anesthesiologist. By day one you will be taking oral pain medication.

Q: When will my pain go away?

A: You can expect to have some pain for several weeks. However, post surgical pain is different from the deep, aching pain most people experience before surgery. Your new or repaired joint should eventually relieve the pain and stiffness you’ve had prior to surgery.

Q: Will I have a scar?

A: Scars for joint replacement surgery are usually around 6 inches long. Arthroscopic surgery is performed with several small incisions - each about one inch long. Your scar’s actual length may vary.

Q: How long will I be in the hospital on bed rest?

A: You will probably stay in bed the day of your surgery. The next morning you will get up and sit in a chair for several hours. If you had knee or hip surgery, you will be shown how to walk with a walker.

Q: How long will I need a walker or crutches?

A: You can expect to use a walker or crutches the day after surgery and then for 2 to 4 weeks. As you progress, your surgeon or physical therapist may suggest a cane. Eventually, depending on your general health prior to surgery, you may not need any assistive device.

Q: Where will I go after the hospital? What if I live alone?

A: Many patients are able to go directly home after discharge. Some need to transfer to a short-term rehabilitation facility for 7-10 days before going home. Your surgeon can help determine the best plan for you.


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