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Free 30-minute group tours of the Highland Family Maternity Center will be offered at the following times. We are not able to offer individual tours, and childbirth information is not included in the 30-minute tour. 

Tours are also available in the Childbirth Preparation Series, Childbirth Express Class and Understanding Labor & Birth Hybrid Class. 

Early registration strongly suggested.  Please register at least 4 - 6 weeks in advance, as registration is first come, first serve and availability is limited.  Because the tour dates are in high demand, we are not able to reschedule your if you fail to show for your original appointment.  Call (585) 473-2229 or email us at to sign up.
  • Tuesday, September 30 @ 5 pm FULL
  • Friday, October 3 @ 4 pm
  • Saturday, October 11 @ 11 am
  • Wednesday, October 22 @ 5 pm
  • Thursday, October 30 @ 4 pm


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