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Pre-Admission for Maternity Hospital Stay

Family Maternity Center at Highland Hospital

It's a good idea to register for your hospital stay soon after you learn that you're having a baby. That way, you don’t need to worry about the details and paperwork when your labor begins.

Pre-Admission and Birth Certificate Forms

You will be given a pre-admission form by your health care provider at the beginning of your third trimester. Copies of the forms can also be downloaded by clicking on the link below. Please print and complete both the pre-admission AND birth certificate forms. You may wish to make copies of the completed forms before you mail them into the hospital.

Returning the forms is an important step in preparing for admission and reducing the amount of time needed for your admission process. If desired, you can also stop by the Family Maternity Center prior to your expected delivery date to sign insurance and authorization papers.

Questions regarding pre-admission?

Call (585) 341-6875

Send completed forms to:

Highland Hospital
1000 South Avenue, Box 63
Rochester, NY 14620-9978



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