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Genetic Counseling

Our genetic counselors work as members of our healthcare team, providing information and support to families who:

  • Have members with birth defects or genetic disorders
  • May be at risk for a variety of inherited conditions

It is helpful to have someone explain how disorders are inherited from one generation to the next and the effects and consequences of those disorders. Our counselors are trained to identify families at risk, investigate problems, and interpret information about disorders to patients and families. Realizing the importance of heredity disorders, the counselors analyze inheritance patterns and risks of recurrence, and review available options with each family. Genetic counselors also provide supportive counseling to families, serve as patient advocates, and refer individuals and families to community or state support services. They serve as educators and resources for other healthcare professionals and for the general public.

Contact Us

Emily Calamaro, M.G.C., C.G.C.
Phone: (585) 275-5857