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Metabolic Clinic

Our goal is to care for and treat children with metabolic disorders so they can reach their maximum potential for physical and mental growth and development. We work in partnership with families to provide the best possible care and provide ongoing assessment and treatment of metabolic disorders.

Our clinicians are internationally recognized and we offer services to diagnose and care for children and adults who are born with inborn errors of metabolism. An inborn error is most often an inherited genetic condition caused by missing enzymes. In many of these disorders, proper treatment can reduce the negative effects of delays in developmental and physical growth.

Our services include:

  • Consultations with board-certified Biochemical Geneticists
  • Multidisciplinary evaluations with metabolic team case management
  • Specialized metabolic testing
  • Consultations with national and international metabolic experts
  • Medical nutrition therapy offered to control diseases through medication and diet
  • Patient and family counseling and education