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CURE Parent Advocate Program

Our relationship with CURE has extended almost 40 years and as a result, thousands of children have benefited.

Golisano’s Children’s Hospital collaborates with the CURE Childhood Cancer Association to support the CURE Parent Advocate Program, a valuable resource designed to offer support to parents of children newly diagnosed with cancer or chronic blood disorders. The program is funded and administered by CURE and thrives through the commitment of the parent advocate. Our parent advocate is the mother of a long-term cancer survivor, and therefore is able to empathize and support families in a unique and personal way.

Our parent advocate works closely with doctors, nurses, and social workers to determine the non-medical needs of families and communicate those needs to CURE. Needs may range from emotional support to financial assistance. Financial assistance may provide for incidental costs incurred during a stay at the hospital. This might include parking fees, emergency meal money, uncovered medical expenses, and, if necessary, help with funeral expenses.

Our parent advocate is available to meet with families one-on-one to help them through this stressful time. In addition, the parent advocates host a coffee hour each Thursday afternoon at 1:00 p.m. at the hospital. This gathering provides parents with an opportunity to share their experiences and hard earned wisdom with each other.

For more information, visit the CURE Childhood Cancer Association website.

Contact CURE Parent Advocate Program

Kiersten Kunick – CURE Parent Advocate
Phone: (585) 275-1287