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Golisano Children's Hospital / Child Safety / Car Seat Loaner Program


Car Seat Loaner Program

Providers Only - See the inventory of seats available for loan

The Car Seat/restraint Loaner Program at Golisano Children's Hospital allows families to borrow a specialized car seat when there is a medical need. Standard car seats do not fit all children, especially those who are in a SPICA cast or babies who are too small for a standard infant car seat. The goal of this program is to provide these specialized seats to families in need so they can safely transport their children.

Since these seats/restraints tend to be very expensive we loan them to parents while their child is healing. Once the family no longer needs the seat they return it to the Golisano Children's Hospital and it is cleaned and restocked.

Returning a Car Seat

Please return car seats to the information desk in the lobby of Golisano Children's Hospital.


If you have questions please contact: