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Golisano Children's Hospital / Neonatology / Follow-up on NICU Grads

NICU Continuing Care Program

Follow-up on NICU Graduates

These charts are intended to provide parents with historical information on all NICU graduates and on those evaluated in the NICU Continuing Care Clinic (NCCC). The babies followed up in the NCCC are those who have been identified as being at highest risk for developmental delays and constitute about 25% of all NICU graduates. As you can see from the graphs, most of the infants at highest risk are developing very well. 

  • Chart 1 and Chart 2 show the percentages of all NICU graduates who have neurological or cognitive differences.
  • Chart 3 and Chart 4 show the percentage of NICU graduates who meet the criteria for close follow up in the NCCC and the percentage of that subgroup who receive early intervention.
  • Chart 5 and Chart 6 identify the percentage of the subgroup of NICU graduates actually evaluated in NCCC and found to have neurological or cognitive differences.