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Clara Washington

Jayla and ClaraWhen I was about 7 months pregnant with Jayla there were complications that led the doctors to believe that she would be still born. By the grace and mercy of God, Jayla was born 5 weeks premature. The doctors immediately worked hard to give her the care she needed.

When I was able to finally go and see her in the NICU she had so many tubes and machines hooked up to her. There were about so many doctors surrounding her like angels protecting her.  Everyday Jayla was getting better and stronger. Jayla stayed in the NICU for almost 2 months.

Jayla is 13 years old now and doing great! She was diagnosed with autism in the summer of 2015, but things could have been so much worse.

I am so blessed to have Jayla strong and healthy.

Clara and Jayla