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Macayla Brown

Macayla Brown with MariahHello my name is Macayla and my NICU miracle baby is Mariah. Mariah was born at 27 weeks weighing 2 pounds and 3 ounces and she was the biggest surprise and blessing. We spent most of our time in the Pink Hallway in Room 44. Some days were great and some days were gloomy, but all in all we made in through. We spent about three months total in the NICU. As a former NICU parent I can relate and understand the turmoil of emotions, and the thoughts of “What-If’s” that came with it. Skin to skin contact was an experience I looked forward too every day after finding out I was having a girl. I would picture my daughter coming out and her being handed to me immediately and having that mommy and daughter moment. But once I didn’t have that experience immediately, and my birthing plans took an unexpected turn, I was sad and disconnected. I waited a week and a half before I could have skin to skin contact with my baby. Joining the PAIRED Program is my way of connecting with other NICU parents by sharing my experience and providing a sense of support on their unexpected journey.