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Golisano Children's Hospital / Pediatric Nephrology / 24-Hour Urine Collection

24-Hour Urine Collection Instructions

Collection of a 24-hour urine is used to monitor the excretion of protein, calcium, creatinine and other substances that are handled by the kidneys. These collections are regularly performed to diagnose any possible progression of the kidney problem.

Collection Instructions

To ensure accurate results, please follow these instructions:

  • Avoid vigorous exercise during the day that the urine will be collected.
  • In the morning at your usual time of awakening, empty your bladder and discard this urine; however, note this as the start time of your collection.
  • Collect all urine passed from this time until the next morning. Empty your bladder when you get up in the morning. Save this urine and note the time as the ending time. If any urine is lost during the collection time, the results will not be accurate, so the collection should be restarted at another time. Refrigerate the urine during the collection.
  • Bring the urine to the lab with your requisition as soon as possible after the collection is finished.