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Dialysis Center

Out Center Treatment

The Peritoneal Dialysis Center (located in 6-1200) provides training to parents in performing peritoneal dialysis on their children at home. The treatments are performed overnight using a dialysis machine as the child sleeps, so the child can attend school during the day. The unit also serves to troubleshoot problems, provide nutritional guidance and social services.

Contact: Nancy Caswell, (585) 275-9784

In-Center Treatment

The Hemodialysis Center (located in 8-3400) provides treatments to cleanse the blood three times a week, as well as nutritional and social services. Numerous outpatient centers are also located throughout the community.

Strong Memorial Hospital Dialysis Units:

  • Inpatient: (585) 275-2820
  • Outpatient: (585) 273-4271

Clinton Crossings Dialysis Unit: (585) 461-0770