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Golisano Children's Hospital / Pediatric Nephrology / Instructions for Urine Testing

Instructions for Urine Testing

  • Fill the test tube 1/2 to 1/3 with urine.
  • Add without shaking 10 drops of sulfosalicylic acid (SSA).
  • Read the reaction as follows:
    • Negative – No change in appearance of urine
    • Trace – Very faint cloudiness
    • 1+ – Moderate cloudiness through which newspaper print can be read
    • 2+ – More marked cloudiness through which heavy black lines on a white paper are still visible
    • 3+ – White cloud through which black lines are not visible
    • 4+ – Fluffy white material which quickly sinks to the bottom of the tube

Please note: SSA acid is 10% solution for this.