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Diabetes - Carbohydrate Dense Foods

The goal of diabetes management is to maintain a healthy range of blood sugar by balancing food, insulin and activity. Young children can have different food preferences from day to day. Their activity level can also vary from day to day. To balance food, insulin and activity, you can use "carb counting."

  • Foods that contain carbohydrates:
    • Fruits and juice
    • Starches such as bread, cereal and pasta
    • Starchy vegetables such as peas, potatoes and corn
    • Milk, yogurt and ice cream
    • Sweets, candy and soda
  • Foods that contain protein: Meats, cheese, eggs, nuts and fish
  • Foods that contain fats: Margarine, salad dressing and oils

If your child is having a day with little interest in food, try some Carb Dense Foods, which will provide carbohydrates and nutrition, but not a large quantity of food.

Carbohydrate Dense Foods

Food Amount Grams of Carbs
Applesauce, sweetened 1/2 cup 30
Cereal bars 1 30
Fruit popsicles 1 15
Fruit, dry 1/4 cup 15
Gelatin, regular 1/2 cup 15
Granola bars 1 ~25
Honey 1 Tbs. 15
Instant breakfast 1 cup 24
Jelly, jam 1 Tbs. 15
Juice 1/2 cup 15
Milk, chocolate 1 cup 30
Milkshake, 1 cup milk + 1 scoop ice cream 1 cup 30
Oatmeal, instant, made with 1 cup milk 1 package 45
Oatmeal, instant, made with water 1 package 30
Peanut butter & jelly sandwich 1 45
Pudding, regular 1/2 cup 30
Raisins 2 Tbs. 15
Yogurt, fruit-on-the-bottom 1 cup 45