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Golisano Children's Hospital / Pediatric Ophthalmology

Pediatric Ophthalmology

Girl being fit for glasses

The Flaum Eye Institute offers services for children and young adults in the region. Our subspecialists:

  • Perform routine eye exams and refractions
  • Evaluate failed school screenings
  • Diagnose and treat hereditary eye disease and ocular complications of developmental conditions (such as Downs Syndrome)
  • Provide genetic counseling services to families of children with hereditary eye disease
  • Manage retinopathy of prematurity (including cryotherapy), congenital cataracts, strabismus, inborn errors of metabolism that affect the eyes, and vision and acute ophthalmologic injury and disease

Ophthalmologic surgery is performed in conjunction with pediatric anesthesiologists, with recovery on the pediatric inpatient units of Golisano Children's Hospital or the ambulatory surgery center.

The department also offers a number of diagnostic tests for the objective measurement of visual function that are specially applicable to the pediatric population including Visual Evoked Responses and Electroretinography.

Our specialized pediatric ophthalmologists see patients in our Pediatric Ophthalmology Clinic.

Our Pediatric Ophthalmologists