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Post Your Study and UR Registry

The UR Health Research Website is a public resource for patients and members of the community who are interested in learning more about health research. Visitors to the site can search for studies that are currently enrolling participants and/or can sign up for local or national patient registries to be made aware of future opportunities to participate.

URMC researchers can add their studies to the “Open Studies” listing on the site as well as contact people who are in the URMC Research Participant Registry.

Research Participant Registry

This registry of local research volunteers can be used to identify potential research participants.  Be sure to include the following statement in the recruitment plan section of your protocol: This study will identify potential subjects for recruitment using the UR CTSI Research Participant Registry, STUDY00001978​. Once your protocol is approved you can submit a request online to the URMC Research Participant Registry. A list of people who are potentially eligible for your study will be sent to you along with their contact information.



RSRB and WIRB have stated that IRB approval of listings of clinical studies on the Internet is not required when the information provided is limited to basic study information, such as: the title; purpose of the study; protocol summary; basic eligibility criteria; study site location(s); and how to contact the site for further information. For more information, please visit the FDA website.

Posting Open Studies

Posting your IRB-approved study can help potential research participants find your study. Individual research teams can add their IRB-approved studies to the site, however some groups have a designated staff member who enters studies into the system. To avoid duplication, contact your department administrator before adding your study.  If your study is posted on a record will be started in the Clinical Trials Admin website.  You must finish the record and select that it's ready to be listed on the web before it can be made public.  If you cannot find your study even though it is on, contact

How to Post Your Study on the URMC Health Research Website

  1. Log in to the Clinical Trials Admin website using your URMC-SH credentials.
  2. Select "Add Study."
  3. Complete all fields with an asterisk (*).  Here is a tip sheet to help.
  4. Save your study (certain fields have to be entered in order to save your study; this worksheet includes all required fields).
    • The start and end study listing dates can be the entire duration of the study (not just the approved yearly dates). Check back periodically to this site to update/edit your trials or studies. Consider adding an item reminder to your computer’s task list or to your personal calendar.

  5. If your study is ready to be posted to the public site, check "Ready to list on web" AND uncheck "Trial in draft mode."
  6. Your study will be reviewed by the website administrator, who will either release the study to the site or contact you with questions.
  7. Once you receive the automated "confirmation" email, you may review your study on the UR Health Research Website.

How to Edit Your Study on the URMC Health Research Website

  1. Log in to the Clinical Trials Admin website using your URMC-SH credentials. 
  2. Select "Edit" (pencil) next to the study you want to edit.
  3. Update the desired fields.
  4. Save your changes.

Questions or Issues?

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If you encounter a system problem or concern, please let us know through our Research Request Dashboard.