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LQTS The Heart-Brain Connection: The Link between LQTS and Seizures disability Special Call for Proposals on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
autism CTSI Faculty Pilot Project Identifies New Hearing Test for Autism Risk gardner Understanding the 3 Levels of Racism
nih race New Study: Race, Not Gender, is Key Factor in NIH Funding brainstoem Save the Date: SCORE Open Discussion

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Upcoming Events

Monday, August 1st

How Cells Make Shells: Mollusk Shell Growth

Tuesday, August 2nd

Physical Models of Biological Systems

Wednesday, August 3rd

NCBI Targeted Loci: RefSeq Ribosomal RNA Sequences for Identification and Phylogenetic Analysis

Thursday, August 4th

New insights into the Molecular Genetics of Pediatric Bone Marrow Failure through the Lens of a Single Bone Marrow Failure Clinic

The Gardener’s Tale–An Allegory to Help Us Understand the 3 Levels of Racism

Friday, August 5th

Embedded Pragmatic Trials: Tribulations and Triumph

Wednesday, August 10th

Core Training Module 9: Essential Documentation


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The CTSI is transitioning to a new website to make it easier for you to find what you need. The site features a radically simplified navigation to connect you to CTSI programs and information quickly and easily. The current site will be disabled in the near future so be sure to add the new site to your bookmarks. Click here to visit the new CTSI site.

Funding Opportunities

Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research: Internal deadline is August 5.

George M. O'Brien Kidney Research Core Centers (P30): Internal deadline is August 5.

Pediatric Centers of Excellence in Nephrology (P50): Internal deadline is August 5.

Brain Research Foundation Fay/Frank Seed Grant: Internal deadline is August 12.

NEH Summer Stipends: Internal deadline is August 15.

Nutrition Obesity Research Centers (NORCs) (P30) : Deadline is August 19.

Feminist Review Trust: Internal deadline is August 19.

Mary Kay Foundation Innovative Translational Research Grant: Internal deadline is September 2.

Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation Clinical Investigator Award: Internal deadline is September 2

Alzheimer's Clinical Trials Consortium (ACTC) (U24): Internal deadline is October 21.

Opportunities for Collaborative Research at the NIH Clinical Center (X02): Applications are due December 15.

Diabetes Research Centers (P30): Internal deadline is December 23.