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Team-based Science

The Del Monte Institute was created to foster collaboration among researchers at the University of Rochester who study the brain, identify and address gaps in resources and expertise, prioritize areas of focus, and create an environment in which scientific innovation can thrive.

The Institute has established shared resources – lab space, animal models of neurological diseases, and next-generation core facilities – and its activities and research focus on creating a therapeutic development pipeline that will not only accelerate scientific discoveries but also harness new technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, mobile apps, and telemedicine to strengthen research and move potential new treatment more quickly and effectively into clinical trials. 

Team Science

The Institute has identified key fields of basic, translational, and clinical neuroscience in which the University possesses a critical mass of scientific expertise and has established leading research programs. The Institute provides programmatic support to these new centers and helps remove the barriers that often prevent scientists from different disciplines from working together. The Institute has also partnered with other departments to recruit new faculty members to enhance and support the work of these key initiatives.