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Become a Member of the Del Monte Institute for Neuroscience

The Del Monte Institute for Neuroscience brings together faculty across the University of Rochester who are engaged in neuroscience research. The central purpose of the Del Monte Institute is to reduce the burden of neurological and neuropsychiatric disease in our society through development of basic scientific knowledge and of novel therapeutic approaches. The Institute exists to recognize new and emerging opportunities, to prosecute an aggressive innovative basic and translational research agenda, to build team science that tackles major problems from multi-methodological and multi-scalar perspectives, to tackle fundamental neuroscientific questions that simply cannot be broached at the level of an individual laboratory or investigator, questions that demand concerted multi-investigator teams. These are the so-called “wicked” problems of neuroscience, and the University, through the efforts of Del Monte, will position itself to confront these challenges aggressively. We embrace as a core principle that it is only through fundamental understanding of the machinations of the brain that we can hope to provide effective evidence-based therapies to those suffering from severe mental illnesses and neurological disease.

Membership Benefits

Members will receive exclusive benefits for belonging to the Del Monte network:

  • Eligibility to apply and receive funding for pilot projects, or other activities that support Institute goals
  • Print and email subscription to our quarterly publication, Neuroscience
  • Availability of an external review of your research strategy for upcoming grants
  • Opportunities to volunteer for community outreach activities
  • Access to Institute listservs to promote relevant activities
  • Listing on the Institute website, using information from your University profile to facilitate networking and visibility

All publications and other academic work that benefit in whole or in part from support from the Del Monte Institute for Neuroscience must credit the Institute.

Applying for Membership

To become a member of the Del Monte Institute, you must be a faculty member or postdoctoral fellow at the University of Rochester with an interest in brain science. Click below to access the application form and apply for membership. For questions, please contact Del Monte Executive Director, Kathleen Jensen.

Apply for Membership