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MRI Safety

MRI safety training

  • Contact Zachary Miller at (585) 275-4540, to schedule safety training. Safety training sessions are offered when 3 or more requests are received, usually 2 or 3 times a month.
  • Review the online safety training videos and safety and policy materials provided with your scheduled training time, ahead of your training session.
  • Participate in your scheduled safety training session run by our MRI Technologist or Physicist; the material will be briefly reviewed, any questions you may have will be answered and then you will take an MRI safety quiz.
    To pass the safety training you will need to obtain either 16 points (human research) or 7/9 questions correct (animal research) on your quiz.

You will be informed by email of the results of your quiz and if you passed you will be given a new CABIN user account and be able to access the scheduling system. You will also receive a badge attesting that you have been safety trained.

MRI safety policies

MRI safety policy information can be found from our Forms and Policies page.