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Improving Eye Care by Democratizing Knowledge

ECHO Graphic

ECHO is an international network of health centers from across all medical specialties using case-based remote learning to improve provider access to the latest information about patient treatment. Flaum Eye Institute is the first North American eye care center to establish an ECHO, providing benefits to numerous eye care professionals throughout the region:

  • Specialty and subspecialty consultations through case-based learning
  • Specialty and subspecialty lectures about the latest medical and surgical treatments and diagnostic strategies
  • Optometric CME credits
  • Improving practitioners' utilization of distance learning technology
  • Enhancing access to resources and referral information

The goal of FEI ECHO is improve patient access to care by giving healthcare providers across the region the confidence to diagnose and treat eye disease closer to patients' homes. Healthcare providers wishing to participate in ECHO should contact Anthony Dell'Anno, OD.