Welcome to Tele-I-Care

tech with patientDamage to the retina due to diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in the working age US population. Timely eye exams, at least every year can prevent at least 90% of this vision loss, but across the US, only about 50% of those with diabetes see an eye doctor annually. Teleophthalmology is being used in a partnership supported by Excellus and UR Medicine partners, including URMFG, Population Health Management, Primary Care Network, Strong Hospital, and the Flaum Eye Institute, to improve eye care for diabetic patients and prevent vision loss.

This population health program named Tele-I-Care, incorporates vision screening and the use of digital color cameras located in primary care sites to image the retina, detect diabetic retinopathy, and timely triage patients to sight saving eye care in conjunction with ophthalmology. Currently, it is being piloted at five current sites in the URMC system with one more to be added this year.