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Patient Care: Strong Internal Medicine

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Strong Internal Medicine (SIM) is our academic primary care practice. We are part of Strong Memorial Hospital and Accountable Health Partners, and we care for over 11,000 adult patients from our greater Rochester community.

Aside from hosting Internal Medicine residents and other clinical trainees, there are several things that make SIM unique and enable us to provide Medicine of the Highest Order to our patients. These include the following.

Our Commitment to High Value Care

Simply put, High Value Care delivers the best possible patient health outcomes at the lowest possible cost. The cost of health care and insurance premiums is significant. Our biggest concern is our patients’ share of this cost, and how it can impact their health.

We work to provide high value care by adhering to evidence-based medicine, implementing population health management and patient-support interventions, reducing wasteful practices such as unnecessary tests, by increasing the efficiency of our processes, and by practicing financial stewardship.

Our Commitment to Health Equity

Health equity exists when everyone has the same opportunity to live the healthiest life possible, regardless of their socioeconomic status.

We care for a diverse patient population at SIM, and have been committed to advancing health equity for many years. We work toward health equity by providing comprehensive, accessible services that are critical to our patients, by incorporating social determinants of health into our way of practicing medicine, by offering care management, and by working with other community organizations to ensure that our patients’ needs are met. 

Our Commitment to Service Excellence

We exist to serve others in the pursuit of a full and healthy life. We live that purpose by striving to provide our patients with a level of quality service that is second to none. One way that we ensure our service quality is by seeking patient feedback through our Press Ganey CG-CAHPS surveys. We review monthly reports that show how we are rated by our patients and implement improvements to get better.

Team-Based Care

Team-based care occurs when multiple health care providers and staff work together as a team to care for patients. This team-based approach has been shown to provide better care.

Our teams are led by our faculty physicians – the primary care provider (PCP). Directly supporting our PCPs in caring for their patients include an advanced practice provider (nurse practitioner or physician assistant), 7-8 Internal Medicine residents, a registered nurse, and a physician support specialist. This core team is also supported by additional professionals as needed, such as our care managers, behavioral health providers, pharmacist, clinical dietitian, and/or social workers.

Comprehensive Services

At SIM, we understand that it oftentimes takes a greater level of care to achieve a full and healthy life. That’s why we provide services beyond the standard primary care practice. This way, we can ensure that these much-needed services are accessible and of high quality.