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URMC / Medicine / Wellness



Climbers reach top of mountain together

The Department of Medicine at the University of Rochester recognizes that a more engaged, satisfied workforce will provide better, safer and more compassionate patient care.

Our Mission

Our aim is to reinstate the joy of practicing medicine in the department by creating an organizational structure that promotes personal and professional growth, and compassion for colleagues, patients and self.

Our Vision

Our purpose is to increase provider satisfaction for all in the department of medicine

Our Framework for Reinstating Joy in Medicine

  1. Engage leadership: To develop a culture of wellness where healthcare providers are able to effectively collaborate, communicate and coordinate patient care.
  2. Measure burnout longitudinally.      
  3. Address workload related issues
    • Increase percentage of time spent in meaningful work. 
    • Reassess how workload is measured (RVUs and or other measures). 
    • Take steps to foster autonomy over clinical decision-making and practice management among healthcare providers.
    • Provide healthcare providers with adequate control and autonomy over clinical decision-making and practice management. 
  4. Improve work efficiency: Getting rid of stupid stuff (GROSS) in electronic health records, improve note etiquette, ensure sufficient resources and clinical/ administrative staff to maintain quality, productivity and optimal life-work balance.
  5. Overcome social isolation: Engage faculty (ensure choice and autonomy), provide recognition and enable camaraderie and teamwork (social events).
  6. Others: Promote fairness and equity (transparency, clear job descriptions) and provide tools to help improve personal resilience.
    • Serve as an advocate for the faculty and be available for faculty to raise concerns with, and then help resolve those issues