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backThe following documents are the protocols which have been created to follow a standardized way of obtaining information and images from the patient. Please follow these protocols closely and refer to them as needed. If you have any questions about the protocols please ask your Tele-I-Care trainer!

The purpose of these documents are to provide support to photographers performing retinal fundus photography for the Tele-I-Care service.

The goals of these documents are to provide:

  • The photographer with a basic understanding of eye anatomy and eye photography
  • An easy-to-read guide of the steps the photographer needs to use the Tele-I-Care service at the primary care clinic
  • Advice for troubleshooting any issues with the Tele-I-Care service

Your participation in the Tele-I-Care service is vital to its success, and we are committed to work with you to take the best possible photographs while still managing your other responsibilities in your clinical environment.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you again for your interest and participation in the Tele-I-Care service. Together, we can work to ensure that patients are provided with the best possible ocular imaging in order to support their health.

Quick Guide to Successful Photos