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How does diabetes damage my eyes?

High blood sugar from diabetes damages the eye and can cause you to lose your eye sight often without warning signs if not found early.

How do I know if diabetes is damaging my eyes?

See an eye doctor every year for an eye exam. Call (585) 273-3937 to schedule an eye exam with the Flaum Eye Institute.

What if I can’t see an eye doctor right away?

The Flaum Eye Institute created a program called Tele-I-Care to use a camera to check your eyes at your doctor’s office. This testing takes 15 minutes in addition to your regular doctor's visit. Please discuss with your doctor if you need transportation for your appointment.

How will I know my results from Tele-I-Care?

The Flaum Eye Institute will call you within a few weeks with your results and let you know how quickly you need to see an eye doctor. 

How do I pay for my eye exam?  

FEI has partnered with your doctor so that your insurance will be billed for the eye exam.

For more information, call your doctor's office or Jesica, Tele-I-Care Program Manager at (585)276-6482 at the Flaum Eye Institute.