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Selecting the right pair of glasses is a balance between fashion and function. The opticians of StrongVision are expert at helping you achieve a look that expresses your personality, while making sure each frame does what you need to enjoy great vision.

trying on FramesFrom flirtatious to studious... from high tech to rugged... we’ve selected from thousands of frames to bring you the most up-to-date styles – some of them exclusive to our region. When you choose a frame you like, we will expertly pair it with lenses and a custom fitting to ensure that they look great and feel great on your face.

Each of our locations has hundreds of frames to choose from, ranging from budget-friendly values to show stopping designer brands. Whether you’re a patient of ours or just looking for something a little different, stop by any of our frame studios anytime and explore.

We proudly represent the following brands*:

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*Some brands available at select locations. Call for specifics.