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Jump Desktop

Review Author: William_Morrison@URMC.Rochester.edu
Platform: iOS
App or Mobile Website: App (link to App Store)
Does it require WiFi to work? Yes
Category: Business
Price: $14.99
Special Instructions: Found in the App store. Installed from there. Once installed it accessed from the icon on the iPad or iPhone. SSL automatically available using RDP. SSL for VNC available only when using automatic setup.
Tasks or Searches Tested: Using Outlook, Web browsing, and streaming audio from the remotely connected computer.
Design: Designed to remotely control a Windows PC or Mac from an iPad / iPhone using RDP or VCN. When running, the iPad screen displays what's on the remote screen and allows you to use the mouse or keyboard with the iPad/iPhone keyboard.
Functionality: Able to fully control the remote PC. Additional keyboard keys to provide full PC functionality. Remote Mac control not tested.
Content: Not applicable.
Other Comments: Performed all of the functions tested. I found it reasonably easy to learn and if used regularly would be simple to use and entirely serviceable for the designed function.
Reviews from others:
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Link www.pcmag.com
Link www.fivefreeapps.com
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