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ARUP Consult

Review Author:
Platform: iOS
App or Mobile Website: App (link to App Store)
Does it require WiFi to work? Yes
Category: Medical
Price: Free
Special Instructions:
Tasks or Searches Tested: Streptococcal Disease; multiple sclerosis; fetal lung maturity
Design: Simple, uncluttered design and interface; easy to use
Functionality: Search by disease category or alphabetical by topic index or via search box; or search by algorithm. Has "My top topics" for often used searches for quick access.
Content: For each test, includes background, diagnosis, tests, references, related content such as limitations of test and follow-up if required, and info about specimen prep and transport requirements. Evidence based and identifies medical reviewer. A very comprehensive, well-documented resource.
Other Comments: Coauthored and maintained by U. of Utah School of Medicine & ARUP Labs, an enterprise of U. of Utah & their Dept. of Pathology. New and updated content is released quarterly. Email updates available.
Reviews from others:
Link Description One of two lab apps mentioned in Doody's Views, MedInfo Now blog. Mentioned on several sites but could not find reviews, only descriptions of features
Link http://www.medinfonowblog.com/wordpress/index.php/healthcare-technology/smartphones-in-healthcare
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