Staff Feature - Fadhaa Al-Janabi, Dental Assistant

Mar. 7, 2023

Fadhaa Al-Janabi, originally from Iraq, is a Dental Assistant who works at our clinic downtown. She's been with EIOH for four years, but has no plans to leave until retirement. 

Q. When did you want to become a DA?

A. I was a teacher for an elementary school in my country. I switched to dental assistant because I found this profession noble where I can render service to patients. When I was a student at MCC, I went to all Eastman departments and also private office, general hospitals, OMFS. 

Fadhaa Al-Janabi smiling at camera
Fadhaa Al-Janabi, EIOH Dental Assistant

Q. Where are you from?

A. My home country is Iraq.

Q. Why EIOH?

A. I chose EIOH because it just felt like a safe atmosphere to work besides the best benefits and financial satisfaction the institute provides. I have been working with Eastman for 4 years and I look forward to working many more years here until retirement 😊

Q. Any advice for budding Dental Assistants? 

A. Be patient and kind to all, respect everyone equally, do your job to the fullest

Q. Favorite thing about Rochester?

A. Christmas celebrations!!

Q. Best experience so far as a dental assistant?

A. I love assisting crown preparations all the time!! It looks so interesting and I wonder how artistic dentists could be.

Q. Most embarrassing moment/challenging situation and what did you learn from it?

A. When I started this job, I was still learning all the dental instruments and the name of the materials. So, whenever dentists asked me for things which I was not sure of, I felt very embarrassed. But this did not stop me. This in turn motivated me to learn more and improve better at work. 

Q. What does working at our community based clinics feel like?  

A. I feel like it’s my second home. My manager is wonderful and she makes me love working here more. She organizes everything super well and is very helpful. Also, my colleagues are my assets. They have my back at all times. 

Q. How do you manage stress?

A. I simply stay quiet 😊

Q. How do you stay motivated? 

A. I keep thinking that everyday is a new learning experience and I maintain positivity at all times. This helps me keep going regardless of how busy or stressful my work sometimes can get. 

Q. Why do you feel you are the most suited for this job?

A. Because I think I am very soft spoken and kind by nature. We see a lot of people who need more kindness. I also do joke around and am very friendly with all to make my work place more pleasant.

Q. What is your go to when you are having a tough day at work? 

A. I go home and just sleep early.

Q.What are the three most important things to you?

A. My health and family, my work, and of course, my smile. 

Q. Describe yourself in two words. 

A. I would use three words! Energetic, Beautiful and Sensitive