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UR Medicine Experts will Discuss Therapies for Dry Eye May 21

May. 12, 2014

UR Medicine dry eye experts will discuss therapies for dry eye at the Sjogren’s Disease Support Group meeting at 7 p.m. Wednesday, May 21, at Pittsford Public Library.
Speakers include Flaum Eye Institute experts James Aquavella, M.D., and Holly Hindman, M.D., along with Catherine Ovitt, Ph.D., from the University of Rochester Medical Center’s Department of Biomedical Genetics and Center for Oral Biology.
Sogren's is a chronic autoimmune disease that causes the body's white blood cells to attack moisture-producing glands.  Upwards of four million Americans, mostly women, endure this disease, which causes dry eyes and dry mouth.  It can also damage the kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, blood vessels, liver, pancreas, lungs and central nervous system. 
For more information about the meeting, call (585) 275-3977 or email