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Pediatrics / Welcome to the Department of Pediatrics


Welcome to the Department of Pediatrics


These are indeed exciting times for medicine in general and for pediatrics in particular. Never before has the gap between biomedical research and clinical practice been so narrow. Never before have our creativity and collaborative spirit been so mission-critical as we forge health care solutions for children and their families challenged each by their own unique medical, psychological, and socioeconomic circumstances. URMC Pediatrics stands uniquely poised to provide state-of-the-art care today and to apply the best that biomedical science has to offer to make tomorrow’s state-of-the-art even better than what today holds out to the children and families of our region, our country, and our world.

The Rochester, NY pediatrics environment is a fully integrated collaboration between the pediatricians of the University of Rochester Medical Center and their colleagues in clinical practice in the community. As a result, the interfaces between the outpatient and inpatient settings, between general practitioners and specialists, between community practice and academics are seamless. This means continuity of care for our patients, coordinated services for our families, an unparalleled, broad and deep teaching and mentoring environment for our residents, fellows, and students, and ample opportunities for patients, families, trainees, and physicians to participate in the research that holds the promise of pushing back the frontiers of modern pediatrics and developmental biology.

The University of Rochester houses some of the world’s premier basic and clinical biomedical and socioeconomic researchers in interdisciplinary centers and adjacent, cutting-edge laboratory and clinical research facilities. This arrangement – with everything in close geographic proximity, with programmatic juxtaposition across departmental lines – makes intellectual interaction and translation of advances from the bench to the bedside and from the illness treatment setting to the prevention and wellness arena an everyday occurrence here.

Come. Browse our web pages. Share our pride and excitement in our exemplary clinical services for children and families at Golisano Children’s Hospital, Rochester General Hospital, Highland Hospital, Park Ridge Hospital, and Monroe Community Hospital. Feel the explosive growth of our understanding of human development and explore all the research happening within the Center for Children's Health Research. Be a part of the training and mentoring of the next generation of pediatricians, child health specialists, and developmental biomedical researchers in our "Focus on Science" and The Hoekelman Center and Pediatric Links with the Community programs and in our undergraduate, MD, and PhD student, resident, and fellow research rotations and mentorships. Join us as we stand on the shoulders of the giants in our URMC history, keep today’s children, families, and communities healthy, and move pediatrics forward into the 21st century!