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Autism & Developmental Disabilities

Autism & Developmental Disabilities

We have a wide network of investigators with long-standing collaborative relationships across the University of Rochester and with other universities to study causes, characteristics, and care of children and youth with autism and other developmental disorders and their families.

Multiple multidisciplinary teams are studying the comparative efficacy of interventions for children and youth with ASD for enhancing language development. Other projects have focused on increasing the capacity of educators to deliver services in public schools. We employ community-partnered practices to develop and disseminate interventions for children with autism, their families, and school teams through our research networks. Another multi-site project is evaluating pragmatic language patterns in autistic adults. Basic studies are also underway to understand the neurobiology and behavioral responses of individuals with autism. Funding from NIH, HRSA, IES, and private foundations has allowed for significant growth in these areas of research.

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