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International Partners in Seychelles Study Gather in Rochester

Mar 21, 2018

More than three decades of research in the Seychelles have consistently shown that high levels of fish consumption by pregnant mothers do not produce developmental problems in their children. The international team of researchers behind this study, one of the largest and longest population studies of its kind, is meeting this week in Rochester.

Elizabeth R. McAnarney, M.D., Named Distinguished University Professor

Mar 05, 2018

Elizabeth R. “Lissa” McAnarney, M.D., Professor and Chair Emerita of the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC), has been named a Distinguished University Professor — the highest title that the university bestows on its faculty.

Robert Haggerty, former URMC Chair of Pediatrics, dies at 92

Jan 26, 2018

Robert Haggerty, M.D., former Chair of the Department of Pediatrics, died on Tuesday. He was 92. Throughout a career that spanned six decades, Haggerty led numerous child health initiatives that changed the way that pediatricians — and in some cases, entire health systems — practice medicine. His substantial contributions to the field were so wide-reaching and varied that a colleague once referred to him as “the Joe DiMaggio of pediatrics.”

URMC Professor Emeritus and Pioneer of Neurotoxicology Dies at 92

Jan 24, 2018

Bernard “Bernie” Weiss, ’53 (Ph.D.) was a monumental and beloved figure in the scientific community. He helped found the field of behavioral toxicology and was a defining presence in the URMC Department of Environmental Medicine for 50 years.

For City Kids with Asthma, Telemedicine and In-School Care Cut ER Visits in Half

Jan 08, 2018

Children with asthma in the Rochester City School District who received a combination of telemedicine support and school-based medication therapy were almost half as likely to need an emergency room or hospital visit for their asthma, according to new research from the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC).


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