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Labs Department of Pediatrics
  • Ackerman Lab - Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH)
  • Childhood Adversity and Resilience Lab - Research and interventions to improve outcomes associated with childhood adversity and trauma
  • Cook Lab - Childhood and adolescent obesity, prevention and intervention
  • Dean Lab - Gene Therapy
  • Fazal Lab - Pathogenesis of Acute Lung Injury (ALI) and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), a life threatening pulmonary inflammatory condition
  • Halterman, Jill Lab - The Preventive Care Program for Urban Children with Asthma
  • Immunization Lab - Working toward a world that is free of vaccine-preventable disease
  • Järvinen-Seppo Lab - Characterization of the immunologic factors present in human milk that may modify the infant's developing immune system and oral tolerance to foods
  • Kerkar Lab - Liver diseases including, autoimmune liver disease, cholestatic (biliary atresia, alagille syndrome, sclerosing cholangitis) and nonalcoholic fatty liver diseases.
  • Mariani Lab - Systems Biology of Lung Development and Disease
  • McGraw Lab - Understanding the mechanisms of fibrotic lung disease in order to bring new therapies to people who suffer from this devastating disease.
  • Mink Lab - Basal Ganglia in Normal Control of Movement
  • O'Reilly Lab - Developmental Origins of Lung Disease
  • Palis Lab - Ontogeny of Hematopoiesis; Erythroid Differentiation; Erythroid Precursor Self-Renewal; Hematopoiesis-Response to Radiation
  • Pryhuber Lab - Inflammatory Neonatal Lung Injury
  • A. Rahman Lab - Mechanistic Targets in Acute Lung Injury
  • Rowe Lab - Intersection of Viruses and Allergic Disease
  • Shand Lab - The Role of Immunologic "Danger Signaling" in Leukemia Immune Escape
  • Steiner Lab - Molecular mechanisms underlying the development of red blood cells
  • Young Lab - Bioactive components in human milk (such as hormones and growth factors) differ by maternal characteristics