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Jesse B. Schallek, Ph.D.

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Office: (585) 273-4848

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Schallek Lab- Flaum Eye Institute

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My laboratory invents new tools to evaluate eye health by measuring function. We are developing cutting-edge cameras to view the cells of the living eye with microscope resolution. In this way, we can study retinal health and disease within single cells of the retina without ever requiring a biopsy.


Our lab investigates blood flow in the living eye by using a specialized camera called an Adaptive Optics Scanning Light Ophthalmoscope (AOSLO) to correct for small imperfections of the optics of the eye. Once corrected, we can image the microscopic integrity of the smallest vessels that are ten-times thinner than a human hair. Additionally, capturing videos of this tissue enables study of the movement of single blood cells flowing within this network. We are developing and applying this cutting-edge technology to study blood flow in the retina in conditions of health and disease.

These advances are critical for studying neural cells that line the back of our eyes are sensitive to light and initiate our ability to see. These cells are among the most metabolically active tissues in the human body and are nourished by a dense network of capillaries that circulate blood to deliver nutrients and remove waste products from these hard-working cells. We use and develop adaptive optics eye cameras to study the dysfunction of this neural-vascular system associates with a variety of retinal diseases and collectively gives rise to the leading cause of blindness in the developed world.



BS | Syracuse University

PhD | SUNY Upstate Medical University

Post-doctoral Training & Residency

2010 - 2015
Adaptive Optics Imaging in the Living Eye- Advisor: David Williams


Journal Articles

Joseph A, Guevara-Torres A, Schallek J. "Imaging single-cell blood flow in the smallest to largest vessels in the living retina." eLife.. 2019 May 14; 8Epub 2019 May 14.

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