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John J. Foxe, Ph.D.

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Office: (585) 275-1964

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I am a translational researcher with a history of research studies on the basic neurophysiology of schizophrenia and autism. My work places special emphasis on the identification of endophenotypic markers in childhood neuropsychiatric diseases and in the linking of these biomarkers to the underlying genotype. Work in our lab has a consistent history of NIH and NSF funding, and a strong record of research productivity (160+ publications). Before joining the faculty at Einstein in January of 2010 (my alma mater), I served for 6 years as the Director of the PhD Program in Cognitive Neuroscience at The City College of New York. I was recruited to Einstein in January of 2010 as Director of Research for the Children's Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center (CERC), with a mandate to develop and coordinate clinical pediatric research across the college. Our lab employs an integrated multi-methodological approach to issues in the cognitive neurosciences, using structural and functional neuroimaging, high-density electrophysiology, imaging genomics, eye tracking, psychophysics and virtual reality to understand the neural basis of basic sensory-perceptual and cognitive functions. The work is translational at its core in that it employs an equal mix of basic-science projects in healthy individuals with clinical studies in patient populations. The approach taken is to first develop novel assays of a given perceptual or cognitive function in healthy individuals, which are then deployed in clinical populations of interest. The core mission of the lab is to understand the underlying neurobiology of developmental disorders, with a specific emphasis on Autism. The central goal is to develop more effective treatments and interventions through establishing basic knowledge and myself and my team have worked extensively in both adolescent Schizophrenia and Autism Spectrum Disorders. The lab also has a very extensive history of investigations into the neurophysiology of both basic and complex auditory processing, from investigations of the fundamental mechanisms of frequency representation all the way to high-level speech processing.



BS | Iona College
Experimental Psychology

MS | Albert Einstein College of Medicine

PhD | Albert Einstein College of Medicine


Journal Articles

Patelaki E, Foxe JJ, Mazurek KA, Freedman EG. "Young adults who improve performance during dual-task walking show more flexible reallocation of cognitive resources: a mobile brain-body imaging (MoBI) study." Cerebral cortex.. 2022 Jun 6; Epub 2022 Jun 06.

Francisco AA, Foxe JJ, Horsthuis DJ, Molholm S. "Early visual processing and adaptation as markers of disease, not vulnerability: EEG evidence from 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, a population at high risk for schizophrenia." NPJ schizophrenia.. 2022 Mar 21; 8(1):28. Epub 2022 Mar 21.

Richardson DP, Foxe JJ, Mazurek KA, Abraham N, Freedman EG. "Neural Markers of Proactive and Reactive Cognitive Control Are Altered During Walking: A Mobile Brain-Body Imaging (MoBI) study." NeuroImage.. 2021 Dec 23; :118853. Epub 2021 Dec 23.