Development Projects

Provider Portal

After the adoption of eRecord, many of the functions of Provider Portal were no longer needed. Provider Portal is now host to two new important patient care applications that are not available in eRecord. These are Bed-Board, a bed management system, and Infection Surveillance, an application to facilitate infection control and antimicrobial stewardship.


Bed-Board is an in-house developed bed management system. Bed-Board displays data about current inpatient census (including boarders) and pending admissions, discharges, transfers, plus data about nursing units and beds. It provides information from several administrative and clinical systems to admission co-ordinators and managers, in a rich, intuitive, graphical format, to accomplish the following:

  • Facilitate bed-utilization, through-put from the ED to inpatient beds
  • Facilitate discharge planning, housekeeping, faster re-occupancy
  • Minimize waste of available beds
  • Track patients through the stages of their admission and placement.

Infection Surveillance

This application was created to assist the Infection Prevention teams monitor infections and antimicrobial use in both hospitals. Each user can customize their searches and alerts. Searches can be based on the organism, the tests requested, anit-infectives, and specimen source. The results can be filtered by the facility, patient unit and date range. Alerts can be customized by unit, organism and patient.

CDR (Clinical Data Repository)

The CDR is a centralized, open repository of patient and clinical data. It is a real time database of patient MPI and demographic data and relavent clinical data, used for patient care, research and education.

Research Data Warehousing Portal

A development project to establish a research data repository of patient demographic and clinical data for the purpose of supporting research cohort identification and enabling IRB approved data analysis. The data repository is accessed through a web based portal which allows for data requests, import of enrolled patients for research protocols or clinical trials, and extracts of patient information based on IRB approval. The system is built upon the NIH funded i2b2 (Integrating Biology to the Bedside) data warehousing application created by Partners Healthcare and implemented throughout the U.S.'s Clinical and Translation Science awarded institutions.

Surgical-Forms Tracking

The Surgical-Forms Tracking Application is used to track the status of forms used in pre-admission tests (PRATs).

Results Notifier

The results Notifier is a standalone application that notifies providers, by email or pager, of critical lab results and of the availability of Radiology and Pathology reports.

Provider Database

The Provider Database contains the information for the online Find a Physician area of the web site. The entries are maintained by the Office of Physician Services. Information about clinic sites, specialties, subspecialties, special interests, and certifications is included.

Faculty Database (1999-2011) Retired

The Faculty Database is a comprehensive database containing information on all Medical Center faculty, clinical and academic. It is used by the Dean's Office to record appointments, demographic data, to track reappointment dates, and generate data required for reports.

PSO (Patient Sign Out) (1999-2011) Retired

Patient Sign Out is an original Strong Health Provider Portal Application and is used by Nurse Practioners, Physician Assistants and Residents. The PSO is used for:

  • Assignments of team and team-members to cover inpatients
  • Tracking of patient location, attending of record, other providers
  • Balancing workload among team-members, and moonlighters
  • Mini patient profile: demographics, isolation, code status, weight, dx, PMH, allergies
  • Crisis support: code-status, fever protocols, dispo, attendings' and teams' pagers.
  • Up-to-date clinical data (medications, issues, tasks)
  • External use of data by attendings, other teams, other units' personnel.