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Office of Financial Aid



The Financial Aid office is committed to providing quality services to meet the needs of a diverse student population by offering financial resources and services to promote access to education and enhance student success by helping you to fund your education at the University of Rochester Medical School.

On these pages we have attempted to anticipate your questions about the types of financial aid, eligibility criteria, application procedures, and financing options.  We’ve also included links to other helpful sites. 

If you have questions or concerns that are not covered we encourage you to discuss them with the Financial Aid Office; we are here to help.  We can be reached at: (585) 275-4523, or via email at:

Financing Medical Education at the University of Rochester Medical Center

About 67% of our students finance their medical education through the use of low-cost student loans. A variety of debt management services are provided, designed to support decision-making from the beginning to the end of training and, indeed, through the entire repayment process.

While eligibility for the lowest cost loans is based on financial need, it is possible to finance the entire cost of medical education through loans as long as one has no bad credit history. We recommend that students check their personal credit records prior to entering medical school.

Approximately 47% of the students who borrow also receive institutional scholarships to reduce reliance on debt. Financial need is not a factor in admissions decisions and the Financial Aid Office works hard to assure scholarship distribution policies that minimize the possibility that admitted applicants' socioeconomic backgrounds might adversely influence their matriculation decisions. Students seeking scholarships are required to provide parental financial information, and eligibility for institutional funds is based on the analysis of student and parent circumstances.