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  • Several members of our division contributed to the recently published review article on atomoxetine effects in young people with developmental disabilities
  • Facebook Milestones reached!
    Recently, both the Institute for Innovative Transition and Kirch Center Facebook pages reached over 500 likes! Our Autism Research page also surpassed 300 likes.
  • Kirch Developmental Services Center launches Facebook Page
    The Kirch Center has joined Facebook. In the coming months we will post articles and information concerning a number of topics. Please like our Facebook Page.
  • Researchers create toilet-training mobile phone application
    Dan Mruzek, associate professor of pediatrics and Stephen McAleavey, associate professor of biomedical engineering have created a mobile application designed to reduce the time and effort in toilet training children with autism and other developmental disabilities. Visit the University news site for a detailed article and video
  • AUCD Highlights the efforts of The Strong Center for Developmental Disabilities in distance learning. Please visit the AUCD Website for the full article.
  • Listen to our own Susan Hyman, professor of Pediatrics at Golisano Children's Hospital, talk to NPR about a new study on how folic acid for pregnant mothers cuts kids' autism risk.
  • New article based on research recently published by the Seychelles Child Development Study team. The research findings highlight the benefits of prenatal exposure to fish. See the full article on the pediatric news site

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