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Pediatric Translational Biospecimen Laboratory

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CentrifugeResearchers in the Department of Pediatrics have secured significant funding for clinical and translational research over the last few years. With an expanding interest by the NIH and other funding sources in translational medicine research, there exists a significant need to appropriately process, store and track clinical biospecimens to be used for research purposes.

In order to facilitate these highly competitive, state-of-the-art projects, Drs. Gloria Pryhuber, M.D. and Tom Mariani, Ph.D. have established the "Pediatric Translational Biospecimen Laboratory" to support investigators and their collaborators with clinical sample processing and storage. This laboratory currently supports multiple NIH-funded projects within the Divisions of Neonatology, Pulmonology and Infectious Disease.

Facilities include:

  • Level 2 biosafety cabinets for handling of human samples, cell/tissue culture capabilities
  • Centrifuges and small equipment for sample processing
  • Storage space, long-term (ultra-low freezer and liquid nitrogen)
  • Laboratory data management systems for sample tracking and inventory
  • On-site location: Room 4-4100


Questions regarding how this laboratory may facilitate or support your research studies can be directed to  Thomas Mariani, Ph.D. or Gloria S. Pryhuber, M.D..

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Our Research is Expanding

NACHRI recently ranked the Department of Pediatrics 15th in NIH funding based on total dollars awarded. Five years ago our ranking was 27th, demonstrating a significant increase.