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Inpatient Services at Golisano Children’s Hospital

Hospitalization is recommended when a young person is severely malnourished, has chemical or fluid imbalances, is unable to control dieting or vomiting or becomes medically unstable. If it’s deemed necessary that a young person needs hospitalization due to the severity of the illness, they are admitted and closely monitored with the goal of being moved incrementally toward taking greater responsibility for their own health.

Tutoring and contact with school is maintained throughout the hospitalization so that patients keep up with academics. We also build strong relationships with parents, who are actively involved with their child’s treatment from admission to discharge from the hospital. This entire process helps lead to a successful outcome.

Care After Hospitalization

When a patient requires additional focused care after hospitalization, such as community health nursing, partial hospitalizations, residential treatment, support groups, counseling or out-of-area referral, our team coordinates these services.

Discharge plans are tailored to the patient, with follow-up milestones and goals identified, and in collaboration with the primary care provider. The seamless discharge plan is part of the wrap-around of services that helps make our program a success.

More Information

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