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36% Rise Locally in Eating Disorders Among Children, Adolescents During Pandemic

Taylor Starr, D.O., M.P.H., and Nicole Cifra, M.D., M.P.H., spoke with WROC (Feb. 22) about a 36 percent rise in local office visits for eating disorders among children and adolescents during the pandemic. "Unpredictability, in some cases isolation, really difficult life circumstances... there are a lot of things that have happened during this pandemic that can be seen as risks or points that can push someone over the edge into developing an eating disorder," said Cifra. "We know families are part of the solution; they're experts in their loved ones," added Starr.

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Directed out of the University of Rochester School of Nursing, the WNYCCCED is a partnership between the University of Rochester School of Nursing and the Child and Adolescent Eating Disorders Program at Golisano Children’s Hospital. It is one of three legislatively mandated comprehensive care centers for eating disorders funded by the New York State Department of Health.​​​​​​​