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Interdisciplinary Team

Team ProfessionalOur Child and Adolescent Eating Disorder Program includes an interdisciplinary team of professionals specializing in:

  • Adolescent Medicine – Physicians who are experts in adolescent medicine, Taylor Starr, DO, MPH, Susan “Shellie” Yussman MD, MPH,  MD, O.J. Sahler MD, Katherine B. Greenberg, M.D., and Amy Realbuto MS, RN, PPCNP-BC, are responsible for the overall care of patients, providing or supervising the medical and nutritional, as well as the individual, group and family services on a daily basis.
  • Creative Arts Therapy – Provided by a licensed, board-certified music therapist Rosemary Oliva LCAT, MT-BC and music/art therapy interns, creative arts therapy allows patients to gain valuable self-awareness and express themselves in ways that may not be possible through more traditional therapies. Individual and group sessions are offered as part of the inpatient treatment plan.
  • NursingRebecca Fuller RN – Registered nurses and nurse practitioners devoted to adolescent health care deliver nursing services tailored to each young person’s individual needs. They carry out the nursing care plan each day on the inpatient unit and also provide a significant amount of the outpatient health care services.
  • Nutrition – A registered dietitian, Betsy Crumb MS, RD, and Audra Stickney BS, RD, with special training and experience in adolescent eating disorders offers regular nutrition education and meal planning, with emphasis on meal planning at home.
  • Psychiatry and Psychology – Professionals specializing in child and adolescent psychiatry and psychology, Alma Guerra MD, PhD, Sasha Massachi MD, and Bonnie Strollo MS, RN, NP, provide mental health evaluation and treatment for patients and their families, as needed.
  • Social Work – A certified social worker, Heather Jones, LMSW, Lori Snyder LMSW, coordinates care with insurance companies and other providers. In addition, our social worker assists with discharge planning.
  • Supportive Meal Therapy – Specially trained patient care technicians Bryan Saeva BA and other staff members on the Adolescent Unit supervise meals during the hospital stay. This helps assure that patients experience healthy eating behaviors in a supportive, controlled environment with the goal of making these behaviors life-long habits.
  • Child Life – Specialists in child life Amber Cook CCLS, help patients develop their daily schedules and engage in therapeutic leisure activities that focus on personal growth and development. They also coordinate tutoring and schoolwork, as well as fun group activities, while patients are in the hospital.
  • Parent SupportMichelle Morales, Parent Peer Mentor